Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Instagramming: June-July

Potential first day of school outfits vs. macrons at Bottega Louie. 

Baking and cooking. 

Brioche donuts from Lamill Coffee, the swankiest coffee shop you will ever go to.
View from my school.

Yogurtland + Sanrio = GENIUS.
Stopped by at the Poketo store... Cute everything.

Found these sheep paper clips in a box from Japan!
Our kawaii fridge. 

My tutu photos. I just love this tutu.

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  1. Cute pictures! :]  I always like these kind of post with a bit of everything :]

  2. I really want those macarons right now...and the tutu. You look adorable, as always :)

  3. Um. I love this tutu! :) I love tutus in general but feel like I would never be able to wear it any where...


  4. seriously, i'm just obsessed with that tutu. it's so carrie bradshaw. and it has me missing dance!
    xo TJ

  5. Gorgeous snaps! That is so cute how you laid out all your outfits, so organised (and probably a great idea!) :)

    Life etc


  6. Thesunshinedistrict-JennyAugust 1, 2012 at 6:48 PM

    Love the way you laid out your outfits.... So stealing this idea! I try them on and it takes forever!! Great pics!!

  7. i love the tutu too.. lovely! :) Irene Wibowo

  8. mm donuts!


  9. I love that you have a green knife! I have the same one in pink! :) I also have the same Hello Kitty spoon from Yogurtland but mine is red. yay for matching kitchen utensils! 

    Hope you're having an amazing summer so far. You sound so busy with school and work. I don't know how you juggle it all... you're like super woman or something.

  10. i just added a "shop my closet" page to my blog. if you or anyone you know is interested please stop by.

  11. I love my colorful knives :) They make me so happy. And I'm totally not superwoman, I don't know how I'm not going crazy right now! But thanks.

  12. I wish I had bought more magnets at gift shops we visited@ they were all so cute but they were always slightly more than I wanted to can't get them anywhere else though, so I'm totally kicking myself now.