Friday, June 29, 2012

Lessons learned and winner of the Panache giveaway

Top: J.Crew (secondhand); Skirt: Anthro; Shoes: Urban (similar)

We completed round 2 of moving yesterday, so now we are in LA to stay! It's been an interesting 24 hours. We've learned quite a bit in the past day. First off, street parking is a nightmare. If you've been to LA, you know that every couple of feet there are street signs that say things like "No parking between 6pm and 8am" or "Street cleaning on Thursday from 10-2". It boggles my mind an embarrassing amount. We didn't know we needed a permit to park on our street, so we ended up parking a few blocks away, and because of the street signs on THAT street, we had to move it early in the morning. Oh, how I miss the days of free parking everywhere at anytime.

Second. Don't buy cheap bookshelves. We bought a really cheap bookcase from Target, assembled it, put our books on it, and less than 24 hours later, it collapsed and made a really loud noise. Lesson learned. 

Third. When throwing away your trash bags, don't throw them away if your keys are in the same hand. Meaning: I accidentally threw my keys in the dumpster. And getting them out was mostly traumatizing. Well... I made Matt get them out because his arms were longer... but still. (Thanks Matt.)

Fourth. Having no Internet is the WORST. My posts may be a bit sparse for the next week or so until we can figure it out. I've felt so disconnected. For example, I just found out that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are splitting?! How much sooner would I have known that had I been attached to my computer at the time? I'm terrible.

And now, the winner of the $50 giveaway to Panache (chosen with Congratulations to Anna G! I'll be sending you an e-mail shortly - please respond to it within 24 hours or I'll have to select a new winner. 



  1. aww... i can totally relate to everything you wrote here! LA parking is the worst. but you will get (eventually) used to watching out for those pesky signs with confusing time periods. just be careful because ticketing is so expensive here! 

    oh yah, and welcome to LA! ;)

  2. Ahh, moving words of wisdom. I shall keep them in my back pocket for when I move. (: 

  3. Awh, that's how I felt about parking in NY!  On my street we could only park on one side from certain hours, then on the other side it was anytime...but on certain days there was street ridiculous in my opinion and if I was closing at work, I would have to get up at 7:30 am to move my car for my roommates uncle to leave for work :( 

    You'll make your way :) 


  4. Oh girl! LA parking is a disaster! Get those permits!

    And. I have a Target bookshelf that is on its 5th year! Shocking, but I know they just don't make 'em like they used to! ;)

    <3! Welcome to So Cal! <3

  5. Moving is hellish.  I was without internet due to complications with AT&T for nearly 2 weeks when we moved.  It was a pain in the butt!  I only had it through work.

    Good luck with the rest of your move!

  6. I have to comment on this because I live in Pasadena and work in L.A. (in Century City near Beverly Hills), and yes, parking is THE worst. I love going shopping out in the Inland Empire where I grew up because I don't have to worry about parking there. My company recently decided our building's parking garage couldn't accommodate the number of employees we have, so if you get to work too late, the garage is closed and you're left to find street parking in the area! Whaaaa? There are little pockets of fairly unrestricted parking in the city if you hunt around, though. And at least the public transportation system is expanding...slowly. I think our city's light rail lines are pretty nice, actually.

  7. i can totally identify with the changes you are experiencing with moving into a small downtown apartment. husband and I did that when we got married and boy we had a lot to learn too. parking can really be a doozy. :P

  8. i can only imagine parking is a nightmare i think that would stress me out completely!! i can't believe you threw your keys out, what a hubby that would dive in and get them for you :D and yes sometimes skimping on price doesn't always work out so well haha but i find garage sales and stuff like that have sturdy stuff that is cheap too!!


  9. Congratulations on your move! It's always such a challenge to get everything settled, but once it is, nesting in a new space is such a treat.

  10. I'm Anna G!! I emailed you back and I'm sorry for the geeky nature of my excitement right now but I'm so excited! Who knew that a little blogger giveaway could make your whole day? Thank you so much :) 

  11. Ahh, you're so lucky you live in Pasadena! I love it there. I want to live there forever. Ha ha. And ahh! That would be so stressful to have to find street parking before work :\ And yeah, I'm lucky that I can use the Metro rail lines to go to school, I think I can totally handle that! Haha.

  12. That parking sounds like the world's biggest nightmare :P  And dittos on those cheap bookshelves, at least if you're as hardcore about books as I am...they just don't hold up when you pile everything on!  Hope things seem more positive in the future though...hang in there and try to look for the bright sides too :)  Like the fact that you are adorable in this top and skirt!


  13. I have this same it after you tweeted a while back they were having a huge sale!! I loveee it! 


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