Friday, May 11, 2012

Polka dots, horses, and two questions

Scarf: Old Navy via Buffalo Exchange (similar); Shirt: Anthro;
Necklace: J.Crew Factory;  Bracelet: Urban; Pants: Urban; Shoes: c/o Blowfish

Scarves are magical. Really, they are. I got this scarf on a whim at Buffalo Exchange, and boy, am I glad I did. I've been experimenting with ways to wear it, and shawl-style came naturally. And good thing, too, because horses and oversized polka dots are meant to be worn together.

Now two questions:
  1. Who makes the best plain white tee?
  2. Who makes the best chambray shirt?

I'm asking because those are really the only two tops I plan on wearing this summer. Answer away!


  1. Perfect look ! Love your scarf' !

  2. Ohh, let me know about the chambray. I have yet to get one myself. But as for white v-neck tees, Joe Fresh. 8 dollars, soft and the perfect cut/fit. I got my first one last week, and I've already gone back to buy more.

  3. I agree with Erica below... Joe Fresh for the white tees! I love them! 

  4. My favorite chambray top is from Madewell. Still searching for the plain white T. I've heard Hanes or Mossimo are great...but I'm not convinced :)

  5. love the mixed print! i got my chambray from old navy and it was super cheap! i like h&m for tshirts a lot too because they are never too expensive


  6. I have a chambray top that I nabbed from my sister a few years ago. She bought it at Express and I'm completely in love with it. In general, though, I've always found Express button ups have the best fit. 

  7. I too want to know where to get a great chambray shirt. Specifically for a rather tall lady. 

  8. 7TwentySomethingsMay 11, 2012 at 9:18 AM

    I love this outfit... horses and oversized polka dots where so made for each other!! :) 

    Best White T- The gap employee in me wants to say Gap. BUT I have one from Ann Tayor as gift and I love it. 
    Chambray- GAP right now!

  9. I love my Lee chambray top, but my Mudd white tee ripped on a whim basically after I got it.  :-( 

    I love scarves and I love the way that you wear them.  So creative and fun!  Have a great weekend Kristine!

  10. So cute!!! Love the shirt so much!! And polka dots are obviously its best friend!
    White tee..I love mine from Old navy! The burnout one.
    And Chambray.....Gap or thrifted. You can find some really good ones thrifted and my FAV one is thrifted!
    Happy Weekend!!


  11. the polka dot scarf is such a lovely touch!



    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. I love Hanes and Calvin Klein white shirts. Hanes from Wal Mart and Calvin Klein from Costco! Cheap and easy.

  13. Hanes and Madewell or J.Crew.  xo, rv

  14. J. Crew makes a good chambray. - Leah

  15. I'd have to say J Crew and J Crew,even though i have one from neither-does that mean i'm disqualified? Madewell has a lot of cute chambray and jean shirts in all the washes you could want. My favorite jean shirt(thats kinda like chambray??) is a miley cyrus walmart top i got for about $3 at a thrift store. No kidding-I am that classy. Really though, it is the best-faded in the right places, just fitted enough and soooo soft and comfy! They probably don't sell it anymore though:/ I love your blog Kristine!

  16. oh gosh, tough questions, but i have a chambray top from jcrew, and i kind of more than love it ;)
    loving this new way you are wearing this scarf, girl!
    xo TJ

  17. Oh my....those pants look amazing on you!!!!
    And sadly I don't really own the perfect white tee and chambray shirt... I have a purple tee from Bananna Republic that I love so I assume their white would be good too ;)

  18. Madewell for both.  I have more white tees from Madewell than I can count and 3 of their chambrays! 

  19. Sarah with a BowMay 13, 2012 at 8:50 PM

    I know nothing about the chambray business, but Target has decent basics. Also, my friend swears up and down by Joe Fresh clothes, especially for basics. Gap Body is generally pretty good, too. (:

  20. super cute outfit and amazing style in general!

  21. Love your anthro shirt! For white tee Id say J Crew or Madewell, I love my chambray shirt from H&M :)

  22. Huge fan of that necklace, just loooooove the way it looks with your cute patterned top and chic black pants. You look like a model!


  24. You've definitely just proved horses and polka dots are the best companions :) L-O-V-E that blouse. And I'm obsessed with my J.Crew chambray shirt and American apparel white tee!

    The Other Side of Gray 

  25. I bought a green shirt with fish on it the other day and thought of you. :)