Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A sweater dress and a Beck Sondergaard scarf

Dress: Anthro; Scarf: Anthro; Leggings: Forever 21; Shoes: c/o Blowfish

It's in the 90s in Arizona already and I'm wearing a sweater dress. Clearly, I'm in denial that summer has come so soon. But guys, I got this on super sale for barely anything so I just had to wear it. I decided to brighten it up with a summery scarf to make it a little more season-appropriate. 

Do any of you guys remember this scarf from my Anthro Picks a few weeks back? It has amazing colors and shapes and trees and hot air balloons on it! I thought it belonged to me because the day I discovered it, I saw hot air balloons in the sky and it made my heart smile. Well, good things come to those who wait because it went on super sale and I (naturally) snagged it up. I just love it and can't stop looking at it. For those who are interested in finding a similar scarf, the artist is Beck Sondergaard and it turns out they make tons of illustrated whimsical scarves. I'm so glad Anthro carried this one, because it looks like they don't have any stockists outside of Europe.

Today, I'm going to work on making business cards for the Arizona Blogger Conference. Is anybody going? I'm also going to play Super Mario on Wii with Matt's little sister... I'm always the yellow mushroom and I often squeal with how cute it is.


  1. Oh way to go on your finds! I remember admiring that scarf when you posted it a while back--I'll have to check out the other ones by the artist!

  2. K I probably live under a rock because this is the first I've heard of the Arizona Blogger Conference. Lovely.

    I adore that scarf! And you truly are a brave soul to be wearing a sweater dress right now.

  3. Love the dress and I see why you loved the scarf, it is perfect!


  4. I love love love your sweater dress! And the scarf is so unique and pretty! I love playing super mario on the wii! So fun :)


  5. the scarf is really neat! its funny that you are in denial that summer is coming because i wish summer would come my way :)


  6. oh gosh, i'm still in denial that summer is coming too. it just gets SO hot. thank goodness i'll be spending half of my summer in seattle. hopefully that will keep the temperatures down! but you look adorable girl, love this sweater dress!
    ha, have fun playing super mario!! :)
    xo TJ

  7. I loove the colour of that sweater dress, so beautiful on you!
    And I must say that that scarf is absolutely fantastic, whaaaaaat a find! I actually want it quite badly :| !


  8. Adorable Kristine!  Love the second photo, it kind of looks like you're dancing or listening to some great music :D


  9. Kristine.

    I usually hate sweater dresses (it's a mutual thing) but this one is AMAZING. I want it! Ahh. You look adorable (duh) and I like how you brightened up an otherwise seasonally-inappropriate look.

  10. Hahaha, it's finally warming up in I can't touch a sweater!  But I LOVE yours...that pointelle knit is absolutely gorgeous.  And the colour is so beautiful!


  11. I love that scarf! Isn't it the best thing ever when you find something you have been wanting on sale?

  12. Catherine SummersApril 26, 2012 at 6:20 AM

    Kristine you look adorable! The brown/black/lemon look so perfect with your colouring (I love tobacco brown)... oh and I'm so jealous of your warm weather, it's done nothing but rain in the UK since they said we're in drought (yeah, right)!!!

    Catherine x

  13. Oh I love that scarf, it's so pretty!

  14. You look so cuuute! I am in love with that scarf, and heck, the sweater dress too! What a great outfit. I'll be at the conference on Saturday - hope to see you and say hi!
    -Katy xo

  15. love that scarf!


  16. I love the scarf, super cute.  The background here is kind of gorgeous as well.

  17. That color looks good on you :)

  18. I LOVE that dress! Looks great on you. 

  19. I didn't even know about that! Is it a yearly thing? I'm so bummed it's sold out :/ Love the scarf by the way :)
    xo Jac

  20. You can still go - they're selling tickets at the door! But the goodie bags are out.

  21. YOU LOOK AMAZING! The scarf makes the outfit turn into spring/summer perfectly :) So jealous you get to snag all the Anthro stuff asap when it goes on sale :) 


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