Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shabby Apple Bellissima Dress

Scarf: Vintage; Dress: Shabby Apple; Belt: J.Crew Factory (similar); Shoes: Seychelles 

Some tidbits from my days lately:
  • Matt and I got yummy yogurt smoothies with boba at The Street today in Mesa. Usually, I like Lollicups in Chandler for my boba drinks, but we were in the area and thought, why not? It. Was. DELICIOUS.
  • We also went to a Japanese grocery store and I felt nostalgic seeing a few products that we loved back when we lived in Japan. Inversely, we went to a supermarket the night before and stood in the massive cereal aisle and thought about how the Japanese survive on mainly cornflakes as their choice of cereal. How do they do it? 
  • Also in the supermarket trip, we stocked up on lots of post-Easter Cadbury chocolates. Has Easter become my second favorite holiday (after Christmas, of course)? 
  • I made Matt drive a day and a half after he got back, fully aware of the differences between driving here and in Japan. I think it's funny that he now tries to back up into every parking spot and once flashed his hazards as a 'thank you' to a driver who let him in their lane. 
  • I've caught Matt up on lots of important American pop culture anecdotes... such as who Pitbull is and what "yolo" means.
It's been fun. Last night, we were taking a night drive and Matt suggested that we embrace our Southwestern desert and take more photos in it. So this is us, attempting to cherish our roots of dirt, shrubbery, and the occasional piece of trash. I dig.

This dress is a recent acquisition from Shabby Apple. I looove having this bright dress in my closet, and the little scallops make me so happy. I definitely want to add more dresses and less separates to my closet as summer comes along... 


  1. You look absolutely lovely! <3 (if that is correct sentence I'm not sure haha :] )

  2. adorable, as usual. however....what is yolo?

  3. These are such funny happenings!  I didn't know about the flashing hazards custom, but it sounds so pleasant!  And your dress is perfect!  I love those scalloped tiers and the bright sunny yellow color!

  4. That dress is just beautiful! I love the color, but I love that you picked a palette I never would have thought of. The scarf is just gorgeous!

  5. Last I checked I haven't been out of the country so I'm totally embarrassed to ask this but who is Pitbull and what does "yolo" mean?  =)

  6. Oh I've had my eye on this dress for a while! It looks gorgeous on you, the yellow really suits you.

    C x

  7. OOoOoOo which one is your favorite milk tea drink? I love taro the best!

    Super cute outfit that you're wearing. I love the yellow color! 

  8. You look gorgeous girl! Love this dress on you!

  9. great back drop! I need to go on a search for something like that in my area...where people don't frequent so I don't look odd with a tripod.

    OH, and what does yolo mean?

  10. That hairbow just make the outfit so much more darling!  And I've gotta say, these Shabby Apple dresses are something else even in real life....they fit you perfectly and are such amazing styles.

    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.comEnter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

  11.  That dress is just perfection on you -- I love how you styled it! I'm giving away their Waimea dress on my blog now, which has a very similar silhouette and scallop detail, so it's awesome to see it styled differently from the model lookbook. 
    Happy to see that you and Matt are back in the same town! :) 

  12. The scallops are lovely :D Especially when paired with such a bright happy belt. Which reminds me, I have really been wanting to head out to the j.crew factory store. hehe. 

  13. Hello precious girl!

  14. ouuu those scalloped edges on that dress! So adorable!  Having to teach someone what yolo means, it's hilarious, I just taught my step mom what it meant and she thought it was fantastic hahaha!


  15. gorgeous! You look so great with that scarf tied in your hair...never looks that lovely on me ;)

  16. Aww, you look so cute. This dress is adorable and I love the little scallop detail. Yellow dresses are essential for summer!

  17. the scallops are SO cute!! haha that matt was out of pop culture... my matt and i felt the same when we moved back from nica. we totally missed out on all 2010 movies haha



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  18. wait, what does yolo mean?
    p.s. drooling over that dress. you can never go wrong with shabby apple!
    xo TJ

  19. the dress is adorable and I love how it looks on you. love the color and the scallop ofc :)

  20. Kristine! You have to show me how you put that scarf in your hair like that!  I've been trying to do it and it never, NEVER looks amazing like yours!  Frustration!  Very pretty dress, it looks fabulous on you as always :D


  21. Haha! I'll totally show you how next time we work together!

  22. I love that dress!  The adding of the belt just makes it that much cuter. Love the post!


  23. First off, Lollicup is amazing. Second, I'm in love with this dress!
    xo Jac

  24. It's an acronym for "You only live once." I think it came from a Drake song. 


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