Monday, April 23, 2012


Head Scarf: Vintage; Necklace: c/o Twig Creative
Top: J.Crew via Buffalo Exchange (similar); Skirt: Anthro (similar); Shoes: Seychelles (similar)

Last night, Matt and I played Monopoly with our BFFs, Amber and Steven. Now, I've played Monopoly with Amber and Steven more than a few times while Matt was gone. The following is always true:
  1. I am the puppy piece.
  2. I somehow land on Community Chest and Chance every single time while the other players amass their fortunes in real estate.
  3. I make jingles for as many properties as I can. "Cry Me a River" for Waterworks, the theme song to Reading Rainbow for Reading Railroad, that kind of thing.
  4. I collect the hot pink properties solely because I like the color.
  5. I lose, bitterly, and my puppy piece ends up sitting in Steven's top hat piece for the rest of the game.
Why I continue playing, I do not know. Perhaps it is just the hope that someday, someday, the fates will allow me to win. Just once.


  1. so pretty! love this! xx

  2. So just needed to tell you that I bought a similar bandana hairband this weekend at anthro and am going to try it pull it off like you!

  3. such a cute outfit! and this post made me laugh a lot, Monopoly is a very unforgiving game unfortunately I have had similar experiences


  4. I love your style! So cute, and I also lose Monopoly on a regular basis.  

  5. Too cute!  I love me some monopoly, I think I have only won once in my history of playing, but I am always the puppy too!! 


  6. you are darling! love your skirt!!

  7. Argh, I'm really terrible at Monopoly. I do alright with my regular money though so I feel like it evens out.
    I love this skirt, you always look so lovely. You should make them switch over to a game that you are *good* at. ;)

  8. ha, i can never win monopoly. that game is just ridiculous! and i love that you come up with songs for your properties. genius!
    xo TJ

  9. husband and I try not to play, cause it always ends in a fight because he end up with all the monopoly's and I get pretty bitter about it...
    xo Jac

  10. DUDE. I always lose at Monopoly. ALWAYS. So I feel ya, lady. (: Anywho, I love this bright, citrusy color combo on you. I seriously want to raid your skirt wardrobe, I think.

  11. ah monopoly never ends! i always am so sick of the game when its over haha. i love your head scarf, i tried one this weekend but felt like it looked weird on me!



    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. Your outfits are always so cute! I love that skirt! :-)

  13. Oh that combination of peach and red is really pretty...and of course your rock the head scarf!

    <3 Cambria

  14. So glad the necklace is getting some good wearing in ;o) and I saw a skirt really close to that at downeast basics today and wanted it so bad. it looks lovely on you.

  15. I'm always the puppy too in Monopoly! It's the cutest piece :D

  16. I LOATHE Monopoly! I'm never any good at it. I do like playing the thimble though...

    Maybe this helps?
    Good luck!

  18. Ahh, thanks! This is such a good read!