Friday, November 19, 2010

Canal, Harry Potter again, and CHRISTMAS

Cardigan and Shirt: J.Crew Factory; Jeans: Urban; Shoes: Last Chance (Seychelles)

I *love* J.Crew's gingham shirts. I think I want one in every color. I suppose that is the same for J.Crew's cardigans. Over the summer when I lived in TN, I discovered a J.Crew Factory store. It was the perfect solution to my J.Crew obsession. The prices are lower than at the real stores, and my J.Crew employee BFF Amber says that the pieces there are just slightly different than the pieces in the real stores. Even though J.Crew Factory prices are still more than I'd like to spend, I think it's worth it to get staple pieces like cardigans.

Today was lovely, absolutely lovely. And lazy. Since I went to see Harry Potter at midnight last night, I slept in... a bit too much. Matt came home, and since he hadn't seen Harry Potter yet, I made him take me to see it again. Yes, that's right. I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows twice in 24 hours. I'm pretty awesome.

We drove around for a bit while he asked me questions about the film. He doesn't read the books, you see. Pity. Then I turned the radio on... and CHRISTMAS MUSIC WAS PLAYING. Hallelujah. I could have cried. I'm surprised I didn't. I think it was because I spent all my tears (again) at the end of the movie... So naturally, we drove around for a little bit more to listen to the Christmas music. And of course I had to get peppermint hot chocolate. The only thing that would have made it better is if people had Christmas lights up...



  1. okay 1. it is so glorious that you saw hp7 twice in 24 hours. you're my hero! i'm a little upset i still haven't gotten to it.

    2. your outfit is amazing. seriously that sweater is ridiculously cute!

  2. I lucked out and got to see HP at a preview showing Monday night. I cried at the very beginning -- the part with Hermione and her parents. Heartbreaking.

  3. I LOVE this look! It is perfection!

  4. You last chanced those shoes? Unreal. They are darling!

  5. I LOVE that outfit! And, your blog. You're so cute! The fact that you saw HP twice in 24 hours is just awesome. We're going tomorrow and I can hardly wait!


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